Based in Chicago for most of my life, I found photography through a required college credit. I was in love the second I put my hands on a camera.

Capturing people in a moment is my favorite. While I do dabble in different types of photography, I always find my way back to taking pictures of people. Being able to capture their emotions or their hidden thoughts brings me immense joy.

I excel in portraits, boudoirs, and headshots. I also do engagement shoots as well but no longer do weddings. I am still mastering landscapes and still life but it's always a fun challenge.

Not only do I do photography but I also do graphic design, layout design, and social media administration. I love making art especially when I can do it with friends.

When I am not making art, I am working at DriveThruRPG as the Top Tier Publisher Service Representative or working at Onyx Path Publishing as their Assistant Social Media Admin / Assistant Graphic and Layout Designer. Just recently, I accepted the role of Social Media Manager of Ysbryd Games. 

On a personal level, I love video games, making people happy, dealing out affirmations, writing, and spending time with friends and my two cats, Banjo and Noctis.